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Related article: Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 November 37th 39 GMT From: Justin Scott u003cscott_justin51 hotmail. com u003e Subject: No pants Spunks Bellboy page and shoots his pants a new story by Justin Shorts : scott_justin51 hotmail. com I would like to thank all the friendly people enough to email me o comments about my work. There seems to be some of you out there, enjoy it, and my interests. I have several of them urged, write something new when you're one of them, then, this is especially for If you've read some of my other stuff, you can already have been collected the I am looking for random encounters that seem to come my way hotels. My work takes me all over the place, and sometimes, go Organization of conferences on various hotel locations short. There is something on the anonymity of these places, often unexpected luxury unfamiliar room, often young employees (waiters, janitors, porters ), n in-room entertainment (X -rated channels in the casing ) - alleveryone does hotel to see me a little adventure. Most of the time evolution nothing extraordinary happens at all. But then, from time to time, hit me luck. I know some people complain about the large hotel chains, all look the same inside. But I choose whenever I can. Welcome the fact that there are certain constants. There is a chain that my firms tend to use most of the time, I would say that I always comfortable. And I especially like the dress code imposed by , which universally for its employees. For example, the server can (rarely more than 25 years of age) with a pair of black pants with a brown tie standard pipes, white shirt, black and brown with short black vest \\ \\ n. Most guys look so damn cute to use, especially since most is young! Some are as young as 16 years, but I'm not sure that the they are. Pedo World Weekends bring extras, kids college and the student occasionally. My most recent Trip is the best option. It was one of the conference I Pedo World was partly responsible for the organization. This means that was under great pressure, but one advantage was that the hotel had given me a very good place with lots of extras. One of the best characteristics was that a VCR and the TV channels n tube, so when I finally got back to my room after a day of work with a little relaxation porn favorite ( one of the videos of men in the rule ) and has a circulation of nice treat. It was not long before the nice young page, who was always remarkable hanging around reception. His name was Ian, and I think it was 18 or 19 had short dark hair, very soft and pale skin. His uniform was is not used by very different waiters - black polyester pants (if reminded me of school pants ), white shirt and tie to a company, and a kind of half the tight jacket. He managed to mix with courtesy friendship and really natural charm, not something that can be the n taught. And of course it was wonderful, a very nice guy. I my eyes off him when he walked through the lobby, and I it was not until he realized Pedo World that I seemed to be always with us, in your direction. I was pleased to see that after the first times I started blush and even get nervous when I arrived. And I knew he knew , I was interested in. How was your stay at the hotel for a week, no need to rush things and make mistakes. I just read the last sentence again, and I recognize that sounds incredibly arrogant, as if knowing I wanted to end up getting this guy, but that's not true. It's just that I knew I could have easily scared, and all the things I ruin easily. It had to be courted. A little mild flirtation and flattery can do the trick - I was hoping so sure. My chance came in the third day. I was responsible for buildingfor some shows the seminar for the afternoon session and I was doing some last minute checks n in the conference room. I always make a point of trying any special equipment - overhead projectors, PowerPoint installation and so on - and I was furious to discover that two of the skylight was bulbs in the room no. No problem, yes, but unnecessary. You must not happen. The hotel should have checked the details of how, and did well. They get paid enough for this conference rooms, after all. I immediately went to reception to bite someone's head. There was not a service manager at this time, but Ian seemed to have left and responsible. Immediately I started, I meant, but , however, made ​​it clear that I was not happy and I have the bulbs replacement immediately wanted (there were only about 10 minutes before the seminar was to Pedo World begin ). Ian was a star ! He took control of the situation immediately, apologized exuberant, andthemselves led to outbreaks of the store and do change. And just before he went to look, looked at me sharply to , smiled and said, 'I want to make your stay as pleasant as possible. I went back into the Pedo World classroom and waited for him. It was not long, and brought a short ladder. Do not take a moment to changes, but it was enough for me to enjoy the eyes reached to remove the head and replace light bulbs : as he did, the white shirt slightly away the waist of his black pants, which have one or two inches of bare skin. My dick did well in dass And so it came to the new focus on the place of my eyes slide fixed to the front of his pants, where the material is stretched seductive of its hill, in adolescence. Oh, yeah... There was no time for anything else. I could hear down speakers about the corridor, so I thanked him profusely Ian. ` Not at all, sir. If there is anything Do not ever contact me later. I am in the night shift today, so if anything, call me. " He turned to Pedo World the go, but then said over his shoulder, " I do not mean it really is -.. Nothing, if all that needs attention in your room, perhaps -. But later "Then he was away. N has been any doubt about what all this was of course not ?. At least that was what I was convinced. In the throughout the afternoon session, could not stop thinking about what he had said, and as he had said. Maybe it was innocent. Maybe I was wrong to jump conclusions. But how could I be? I could not concentrate on the presentation of the seminar and began to fantasize about what might happen in my room tonight. my cock began to harden and I had to discreetly to make settings, I have within my black boxers. God, I needed that child did wrong, so much to do. All afternoon I sat through endless Presentation, so my imagination to create all typesof the great scenarios for the next night. At the end of the seminar, my Debenhams silk boxers were quite wet, but I knew I had plenty in reserve precum n for later! As soon as I could clean up after the afternoon session e I made my way back to my room to rest. After a shower, I lay on my bed to relax and think again about the exchange with Ian. I had changed my boxers, and then returned to the soft bed wearing only a pair of white cotton briefs CK. They were good, and although I had almost decided to get a good roll before the the night of the encounter with the young Ian, that was fine, just feel around my cock rests comfortably in soft cotton pocket. I prefer to keep to what was already a large deposit of sperm until later - unusual, I had not masturbated in two days - because if things went as I hoping that I wanted in the able to meet what I thought it would be button to offer. I must have slept, because the noise down thcourse and led me to use is a start. I looked at my watch. Time to change and prepare for the at night. I went to my gym bag (not that I travel anywhere !) and made ​​my choice. You will know then what? Suffice it to say for now, I decided to use a white cotton shirt with open collar and jeans light blue , a pair of white athletic socks and light shoes. Studies of casual is what I want. Time to eat. I went to the restaurant and had a quick s. There was no sign of Ian and I started to be afraid. Maybe it was out of service, after all. But Pedo World why is it makes me think it was? I n left the restaurant, I was relieved to see him at the reception. that a broad smile, and yes, that was the regulation of shame. I leaned over the desk and said softly: - "is that it is committed to providing room service or in ? Because we need desperately is in my room in ten minutes. " ` Oh, I 'm going to come out of order, sir. " ` But you said... " "... and soMy time is mine. I'll be in ten minutes. He wondering what to wear... Is it " ` Well, you look pretty damn on his uniform, I have to say "( more blush ),` but if you ask me to submit a proposal, then why not relax and some a bit sporty? That is, if you have something like me here. " ' Oh, I think I just did the right thing. Are you a football fan ? " Shit ', yes. If it were to go, dream game, of course, but you can fool stupid me about a great movie ! " ` Mmm. Leave it to me. Soon! " This was getting better and better. I was very excited and now loved the idea of ​​role-playing game that both of us was willing to answer. I ran to my room and prepared for things. I got a video of the machine y started it off, just so there would be something to distract us, if we needed. I had selected at random, but it was with what I selected forward - is one of the deaths of four rows of small boys in a club, usually in shorts and teeshirts (at least that's what starts ). I turned to the initial sound low. I barely had time to do so before the lightest knock at the door , and then turn the knob Pedo World and Ian came in and closed the door behind him, and became the castle as did. I was breathless. He had slipped in a brilliant white shirt football (I think it was the band from his home in Leeds lover) wore sweatpants and dark blue. God was is a dream. He smiled and walked toward me, and I went to meet him. in through the room, we have closed together, and I put my hands gently on the shirt soft and silky. Her young body was difficult undertaking under the flames t. And then he went right at me and we kissed. He started it. long and tenderly, and with pleasure we kissed. His head fell back, and kissed my neck soft, smooth and fresh. The soft whisper to the throat began, and I was upset about his weak point. that seemed to give so willingly andWe wanted to be very situation of the fantasy that we Pedo World address ourselves. left Pedo World hand slipped to her waist and slightly below the front of the white jersey of football. I slid up and struck a soft warm belly, , and gently stroked her no, I love the warmth and softness him, the bright fabric of his shirt, rubbing the back of my ankle. then I traveled and my fingers found a gold chain around the neck of his s hanging from her nipples. It felt so good. Difficult no, muscle, but hard and tough. And there was not a hair of him - he was so soft and silky. I looked down and seemed to be a revealing abundance in your blue Adidas tracksuit. They desperately needed him to feel somehow wanted to stop, to enjoy it when I finally got over the core of adolescents. I found it very gently, a point of view better on the screen where the meantime, two boys were sitting side by side side on a couchRound slowly feeling the shorts out of White - Soccer Shorts I think a nice coincidence. My left hand came down from his chest to the Federation tracksuit, and I can easily pulled forward to give me to help access. I slid my hand into the background, not too far, and immediate contact with a shiny material - shorts, nylon or satin, and I could see the tops of the peaks out waist - White , so tempting. ' Oh God, Ian, "I muttered. ` That's so sexy, hot girl. A teenage football players waiting to be masturbated in your kit for you. Oh shit, this is will be as hot. I want every minute of it, to enjoy a child. I would like to you, begging me to make you cum, so you can name your session punk, creamy teen on your computer. "\\ \\ n ' Mmm, yes, sir Yes, I would do to me in my football team. pull my trackies so far. please. Get to work at my shorts. " I did not need a second invitation. I pulled hard on her blue sweats, and Pedo World were his legs, exposing his bright white shiny nylon short. And yes, they were definitely nylon, slippery and sexy and embracing his crutch seductive. I touched on the front, and met with resistance his growing young Cockmeat pressing, and began to push n and rub there, I love the size and hardness of the young. The young cock pressed into my hand, the Pedo World nylon jacket, , and took her gently in his fingers. Full length of my hand, and did some preliminary wanking strokes, and complained in his neck. cock it felt so good, hot and hard and loose in his shorts. And remember, was still in his bright white shirt football. The straw to 18 - years old, as a whole - do you think of something to get to know better? Well, is not it? Certainly no. When I used the key to child through his shorts, he instinctively moves to I drove to and from work, friction, so its tough meat shuddered as the m white nylonOved on the skin taut. He seemed to use for this, what fascinates me. I was hoping Pedo World that was practiced in moderation, as do not want to end up in a while. I wanted to give the child as the joy I could cum before the explosion, he was sure would be quite something. My own erection requires a little attention before, but I was not sure if I Pedo World will be able to Ian to help me. When anxious children lost in his own pleasure, it is unusual for them to take a active interest Pedo World in what you have to offer. In general, they have to cum out of the first, but I think it is usually very happy for myself or masturbate see how times before. If they tend to be n to be more willing to be experimental, curiously, despite At times I have been lucky, a gay teenager who likes to try to find new things with someone a little older. It was too early to know what Category Ian fell in fill the boy began to moanThe room and mingled with the murmur enjoy the video. I could see was that Ian was in my search for s shoulder at the screen, what I wanted. He was happy to let me Pedo World do what I wanted. More firmly now, I rubbed hot throbbing teen Cockmeat under soft nylon pants and white long shots that make a severe form of the girl, shivering and trying. I pushed it inside me and then press the right soccer shorts full of blue against the effort, jeans , so my own hardness of cotton blue in the push- soft nylon. My cock felt resistance boycock children, and almost swoon with pleasure. I put my hand between us, and now he rubbed the back tightly stretched white nylon. And for the first time I realized that was something that slows boystud tail in the soft - I had assumed, wrongly, that he was naked under the pants. I fell on my knees before him, and the delicate aroma ofHot young teens met my nostrils, sweet and spicy musk with precum. The hot nylon nose blinked against s mouth and the tip of the tongue like a serpent, and contact with the sexy white. Then he pressed and pressed my face against the soft, warm white, and pressed shorts high gloss. his legs spread wide and took the opportunity, my left hand slide up is the leg of his pants and under s. Until I went to youth Cockmeat throbbing, and my fingers hit resistance than... ? advice? Satin ? Something incredibly sexy and soft, so it was safe. The child presented briefly in a material, the pure I did shake his hand. God, I just had to see up close. I took his pants around his ankles. with both hands, I began to pull gently, and began to give, and push down. And before my eyes, I was presented with the most beautiful view of a healthy young teenboy wearing only a bright through the satin jacket set Football and shortand 6 inches of hot cock young effort to my attention. I was very happy to worship at the shrine. My right hand was now idiot responsibility, and I took his juicy tool for the satin creamy. I felt amazing, the combination of hard and thin white Cockmeat private. And that was very short to cushion the precum flowing. his foreskin back, exposing the fleshy fungi dripping head of his cock, and precum still betting on the short axis. When you see yourself continuing in the online video was the final phase now that The two young men had their shorts away and is now taking shape in the serious matter of a 69 shares little noisy, I closed my mouth on the tip queue filled with beautiful transparent white panties. acorn slipped into my mouth and started headbob, and he resisted and press lightly. Then the sweet boy he reached down and released the cock of his shorts, and hold my mouth again hot in the nudeboymeat. I greedily drank the nectar, the silky smooth tasting precum fresh and alive, as the more expensive liquor. I sucked hot Ian teencock urgently, my mouth moves up and down the shaft, enjoy the incredible sensation of the skin taut over the n hot hardness. I I found that my right hand resting on his discarded nylon shorts and a n instinct entered my head. Without a moment to let my goodies , I succeeded in my jeans, extract a part of him and slide my left hand inside the huge fly. I had decided a pair of powder blue nylon carry slip ( regular readers will know of my fondness for them), my burst cock precum weeping abundantly. In fact, at this point they were soaked with my enthusiasm. I came back for his pants and stood that and started it ( still warm from her young body ) s in the problem in front of my panties wet nylon. It felt fucking great. cock Young Ian was deep in my mouth bu and the boys in themovements cking I clearly stated that he approached. So much I wanted to see the boy cum explosion nearby, and was willing to forgo the pleasure of to pump hot to see her in my throat boycum No hunger in favor of the jewels creamy pleasure when you can bounce the bounce head. knees carefully against him, let him pull his penis pushing soft in my mouth, and while doing so I reached out and pulled her satin inspection system will briefly return to the thighs of his swollen cock and around balls of the firm. ` reload, " I whispered, and let me pull gently on the boymeat hot drive. ` I'll make sure you fill his underwear with his sperm. " The vision of this fine tip wet, gently wrapped back with atlas programs through the transparent material thin, made me breathe hard to value, because the foreskin is moved slightly and silky on the head of the. Ian was so close, and I wanted it so good for him. knew that the feeling of selfnsitive wants wave of young people from silk satin would be very exciting for him, and enough to shoot. I n and touched the teen's dick hit by the slide, but to once he hastened to say ` No, do not let me, let me know. Watch me do it. that s me, please. " And I took my hand and grabbed him and very simple, so delicate, his trembling pen hardness of shiny fabric. Just a few strokes, he did, and he leaned back and form an arc of tense in the middle of the room before me, and with a deep groan, drop your load in her satin lingerie. sighed with joy when I looked up pulse after pulse of soft teencum exploded in the embrace of the pants. began to sink under the weight of the soft punk teenagers, but pumped his sperm in shiny satin. I rubbed my own nylon bag blue his soccer shorts, and then I quickly put my penis free from the Before nylon and pressed me against the harshness of his cum filled pAcket. I smiled naughty now, as I have lost the point of no change. The tingling sensation in cum - wet satin against my cock was boiling incredible, and I do not need me to put as the touch of shaking boy I slide over the edge. ` Oh God, I 'm going to run, I'll shoot my semen in her underwear " to murmured, and shuddered as my orgasm took control. the intensity of the joy was immense, and the feeling of creamy sperm the way to force my shaft and spit in her white satin made ​​me sigh. I said, ' Ohh, shit, Ian, fuck hot pin, what is shoot me my semen all over his white jockey shorts "- or something, was so incredibly hot, with a soccer ball drenched in sperm ! underwear on the floor n boystud me and I delivered my load looked like white sauce thick n full of blood in your valve package. once they had placed two, we stayed for a few minutes to strike together. The heady aroma of our cum lastMy semen mixed with boycum and odor saturated satin, was sensational. After a. , While it has been , Ian and I got to get rid of sperm soaked panties Much later, we have n led from the king bed. I had a pair of white silk, set boxer, and Ian was only wearing his football jersey. And so we fall asleep, the child was given to me. In the early hours of the morning I woke up and I about the bare buttocks of young people to sleep, pressing my boxer slightly in the butt of his signature without problems. I slid Pedo World my hand in front of him hugged him and held me tight football jersey silk. later yet I knew he was out of bed and dressed quickly. You ` return to my room -. I'm on duty tomorrow, " she whispered, for which we are gone, leaving only a warm and sweet fragrance of in bed, and a pair of well spunked Pedo World satin panties for my collection No trophies. Now, if you want, I could say about what happened the next day, when I seductiveed the best bartender ( whose name was Adrian and his school was doing summer job ), according to Ian after us. Pedo World Pedo World Some really delicious slow pulls down the scene. Let me know if you are interested... Fans of shorts and short, and the guys who use them Pedo World are invited to submit tells me something scott_justin51 hotmail. loving community of nylon, silk, and satin especially welcome!
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